Ormaie Paris • 28°

28° - Eau de Parfum 

28°, a summer sonnet unfurls. A fragrant journey inspired by strolls through the South of France, where jasmine, tuberose, and orange blossoms dance on the breeze. A passing woman leaves whispers of monoi in her hair. The mercury, a gentle embrace at 28°C, echoes the warmth of sunlit days.

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Ormaie Paris • 28°
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The Notes

TOP: lemon, bergamot, mandarine, schinus molle
MIDDLE: rose, jasmine sambac, tuberose, orange blossom
BOTTOM: sandalwood, vanilla, everlasting flower



In fragrant verses, rich with emotions, memories, and personal tales, nature's essence is captured, veiled within precious flacons that echo the artistry of objects. Since 2018, Ormaie has been the embodiment of creativity and artisanal mastery—a familial tapestry weaving artists and craftsmen as co-creators in the poetic chapters of its narrative.