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Jousset • Gourmand Bakhoor
from 4 €
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Gourmand Bakhoor - Extrait de Parfum  The sweetness of childhood is transformed into today's exquisite delicacy with Gourmand Bakhoor....

Jousset • African Queen
from 4 €
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African Queen - Extrait de Parfum  Embracing the regal confidence of an African Queen, this fragrance captivates with its elegant presence....

Jousset • Accident À La Vanille
from 4 €
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Accident À La Vanille - Extrait de Parfum  Whether you prefer it black, smoky, rich, smooth, creamy, or subtle, you will discover every facet...

Jousset • Accident À La Vanille - Madeleine de Proust
from 4 €
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Accident À La Vanille - Madeleine de Proust - Extrait de Parfum  The owner of one of the most prestigious perfume boutiques whispered a few...

Jousset • Delicious Black Powder
from 4 €
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Delicious Black Powder - Le Parfum Picture this: the moment you bite into the chocolate coating, it crunches delightfully under your teeth,...

Jousset • La Tarte Tatin
from 4 €
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La Tarte Tatin • Extrait de Parfum  A sumptuous dessert that unfolds like a masterpiece, each note blending into a mouthwatering symphony of...

Jousset • Le Gourmand
from 4 €
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Le Gourmand - Le Parfum  A pure decadence, where the tantalizing, mouthwatering notes of Jousset’s ultimate gourmand fragrance transform your...

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