Liis • Bo
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Bo - Eau De Parfum  Step into a hidden bohemia with our Coastal Artist Enclave fragrance. Inspired by a place so secluded, residents used to...

Liis • Floating
from 4 €
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Floating - Eau de Parfum Embark on a fragrant journey inspired by the weightlessness of unstructured days. Effervescent top notes of ripe peach...

Liis • Lucienne
from 4 €
Available online and in store

Lucienne - Eau de Parfum Lucienne, a fragrant poem inspired by novel perspectives, unveils an exuberant moment of clarity. Pomelo, lemon zest, and...

Liis • Rose Struck
from 4 €
Available online and in store

Rose Struck - Eau de Parfum Discover a perfume melody that mirrors the beauty of flowers frozen in ice and the captivating transition from winter...

Liis • Studied
from 4 €
Available online and in store

Studied - Eau de Parfum  In the spirit of Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own," a fragrance unfolds, weaving the tapestry of personal...

Liis • Ethereal Wave
from 4 €
Available online and in store

Etheral Wave - Eau de Parfum  An olfactory poem inspired by opposites, harmonizing celestial allure and emotional depth. Bergamot and cardamom...

Liis • Discovery set
42 €
Available online and in store

Experience our scent wardrobe. Five luxurious 2ml sample vials: Studied: Ambrette, Pear, Orris, AmbroxanBo: White Cedar, Incense, Vanilla...

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