Versatile Paris

Versatile Paris • Accro Diasiaque
59 €
Available online and in store

Accro Diasiaque - Extrait de Parfum  Accrodisiaque – a fragrance redefining addiction in its most aromatic form, captivating yet gentle upon the...

Versatile Paris • Croissant Café
59 €
Available online and in store

Croissant Café - Extrait de Parfum Elevate your senses with "Croissant Café," a unisex roll-on fragrance embodying the essence of a Parisian...

Versatile Paris • Culot Thé
59 €
Available online and in store

Culot Thé - Extrait de Parfum  Meet Culot Thé – a fragrance with a spirit as vivacious and bold as its name suggests. It's an essence that carries...

Versatile Paris • Dimanche Flemme
59 €
Available online and in store

Dimanchce Flemme - Extrait de Parfum  Welcome to Dimanche Flemme – an olfactory embrace as comforting as a leisurely Sunday, yet as intriguing as...

Versatile Paris • God bless Cola
59 €
Sold out

God bless Cola - Extrait de Parfum Step into the vibrant world of US pop culture with our roll-on fragrance oil. Enjoy the captivating tones of...

Versatile Paris • Gueule de Bois
from 4 €
Available online and in store

Gueule de Bois - Extrait de Parfum Gueule de Bois – the quintessence of the morning after, capturing the electric thrill of the night’s echoes...

Versatile Paris • Rital Date
59 €
Available online and in store

Rital Date - Extrait de Parfum Step into the captivating narrative of Rital Date, where allure is masterfully balanced – an essence of seduction...

Versatile Paris • Sea, Sud & Sun
59 €
Available online and in store

Sea, Sud & Sun - Extrait de Parfum  Sea, Sud & Sun – Your portable sunshine, elegantly captured in a roll-on, is the quintessential accessory for...

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