Versatile Paris • Rital Date

Rital Date - Extrait de Parfum

Step into the captivating narrative of Rital Date, where allure is masterfully balanced – an essence of seduction that tantalizes without overwhelming. This fragrance is a flirtatious dance, a playful yet profound whisper drawing you closer in a mesmerizing ballet of aromas.

In Rital Date, each note is a step toward the art of subtle enticement, crafting a fragrance that transcends the ordinary. It's not merely a scent; it embodies NÉO CITRON – a modern reinterpretation of citrus that defies tradition with a contemporary twist.

This is more than a fragrance; it's the embodiment of IT’S A MATCH – a connection that signifies destiny in a bottle. For those moments when it's more than just a meeting; it's an unforgettable scent, as distinct as the night you're destined to experience. Rital Date, where every note is a step closer to a captivating connection.

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Versatile Paris • Rital Date
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Product detailed description

Notes: pesto, limoncello, pistachio


Meet Coraile, the visionary behind Versatile Paris. Fresh out of Paris' École Supérieure du Parfum, she faced a pivotal decision during the pandemic – conform to the allure of big luxury companies or forge her path. Choosing the latter, she birthed a niche fragrance company. Her fragrances with the roll-on applicator guarantees no product loss, offering a four to six-month lifespan with twice-daily use.

Join us in the olfactory journey where innovation meets sophistication – welcome to Versatile Paris.