Profumum Roma • Arso

Arso - perfume 

This ruggedly sophisticated, smoky-woody fragrance summons nostalgic memories of campfires and the scent of burning leaves. Picture yourself in a mountain retreat, comfortably seated in a robust leather chair, surrounded by the resonance of jazz tunes. You sip on bold red wine, the crackling fireplace casting its warm glow, as snow starts to blanket the landscape outside – an experience crafted for the discerning, adventurous soul.

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Profumum Roma • Arso
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Product detailed description

Main notes: cedarwood, tonka bean, frankincense, pine resin



The precious perfumes of Profumum Roma are the detonator for an explosion of emotions and an uncontrollable sense of déjà vu. The Durante siblings have hidden personal memories and experiences associated with their beloved Italy in these beautiful, unusually concentrated fragrances.