Fillipo Sorcinelli • Nebbia Densa

Nebbia Densa - Extrait de Parfum 

Unveil the allure of "Veiled Whispers," a fragrance born from the mystifying realm where a fallen branch lies entangled in damp moss, and uncertain steps echo among trees that shift the cathedral of mystery, devoid of horizon. Here, the measure of things eludes, and the breath of daily life vanishes in the dark green, frozen by wisps of thin clouds that sculpt enigmatic shapes with a secretive pride. Embark on a journey into the shadows, where each essence captures the essence of an elusive world, beckoning you to unravel the secrets concealed within its aromatic depths. 

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Fillipo Sorcinelli • Nebbia Densa
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Main notes: palo santo, vetiver, sandalwood, dew


Filippo Sorcinelli 

Embark on an odyssey of sensorial sophistication with Filippo Sorcinelli, a perfume brand that transcends mere fragrance, elevating it to a realm of artistic expression. Each olfactory opus curated by Sorcinelli is a canvas painted with meticulous strokes of creativity and avant-garde elegance. Experience the alchemy of tradition and innovation, as fragrances become poetic narratives that linger in the soul. Unveil a collection where scent is not just a sensation but an art form, and each bottle is a masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of Filippo Sorcinelli's avant-garde vision in the world of perfumery.