Andrea Maack • Solstice

Soltice - Extrait de Parfum 

Indulge in the essence of summer with Solstice, a luxurious elixir that captures the irresistible allure of the season. Dive into a refreshing blend of sun-kissed watermelon, tantalizingly juicy, intertwined with the invigorating essence of aqua.

Let this light, airy musk whisk you away to memories of sun-soaked days at the beach. At its heart, the juicy sweetness of natural watermelon is complemented by a delicate hint of lily of the valley, adding a soft touch to this aquatic fragrance. Experience the essence of summer, bottled for your pleasure.

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Andrea Maack • Solstice
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Product detailed description

The experience: Nordic Summer
The surprising contrast: Sweet watermelon with an Amber base
Fragrance family: Sweet and aquatic, concentration of 25%

Top notes: Watermelon, Marin Accord
Heart notes: Jasmine, Violet, Muguet
Base notes: Ambermor, Sinfonide


Established in 2012 by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack, is a luxury fragrance brand born from a creative journey intertwining art and scent.

"The idea of working with scent came about through a series of exhibitions. I always envisioned only making one fragrance titled SMART (Smell Art), but after that show, I was hooked on this process and started working on scented installations full time. The brand came about when I was invited to host the opening show of a design gallery in downtown Reykjavík and I decided to do an art installation in the form of an 'Andrea Maack perfume shop'." - Andrea Maack, founder

For Andrea Maack, the connection between art and fragrance is tangible. "I see scent as a linear thing — it travels along your skin and travels through the air, which can be reminiscent of strokes traveling across a page." With a fresh perspective, this visual artist delves into the world of perfumery, crafting scents that resonate with her unique vision.