Fillipo Sorcinelli • Nebbia Spessa

Nebbia Spessa - Extrait de Parfum 

Within the unseen depths of the wandering invisible sea, blend instant fear and exhilarating pleasure, navigating the spectrum from saline repulsion to voluptuousness. Explore the ever-shifting boundaries of self, in perpetual flux. Embrace the hushed echoes of a distant, transformative sound, where enjoyment, demise, and rebirth interlace seamlessly. Always lingering in a state of elevation and suspension, the experience perpetually resonates with a touch of transcendence. This is a poetic thick fog in a bottle. Superlong lasting hypnotic freshness that turns everyone´s head. 

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Fillipo Sorcinelli • Nebbia Spessa
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Main notes: marine lichen, aquatic and dewy notes


Filippo Sorcinelli 

Embark on an odyssey of sensorial sophistication with Filippo Sorcinelli, a perfume brand that transcends mere fragrance, elevating it to a realm of artistic expression. Each olfactory opus curated by Sorcinelli is a canvas painted with meticulous strokes of creativity and avant-garde elegance. Experience the alchemy of tradition and innovation, as fragrances become poetic narratives that linger in the soul. Unveil a collection where scent is not just a sensation but an art form, and each bottle is a masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of Filippo Sorcinelli's avant-garde vision in the world of perfumery.