Laboratorio Olfattivo • Rosamunda

Rosamunda - Eau de Parfum 

Elegant in the sunlight, passionate when the night falls. This Rose, a blend of Bulgarian and Turkish Roses, undergoes hours of distillation, merging seduction with Patchouli. A scented symphony unfolds—green rose lymph, golden spices, ancient woods, and animal notes create an impalpable landscape. The Rose, a deity worthy of adoration, resides at an altar draped in Oud, yielding an essence with an immortal appeal. Succumb to the allure of this fragrance, where classic beauty is corrupted, celebrating the provocative power of the Rose.

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Laboratorio Olfattivo • Rosamunda
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Main notes: rose petals, saffron, patchouli, oud, sandal wood 



Welcome to the olfactory realm of Laboratorio Olfattivo, where fragrance transcends the ordinary, inviting you on a sensory expedition. Imbued with Italian craftsmanship and a passion for storytelling, Laboratorio Olfattivo elevates perfumery to an art form.

Each bottle encapsulates a meticulous blend of artistry and science, creating an olfactory masterpiece that resonates with sophistication and uniqueness. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources—be it the essence of nature, the vibrancy of modern life, or the nuances of cultural heritage—Laboratorio Olfattivo crafts fragrances that are both timeless and contemporary.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, each scent is a symphony of carefully curated notes, harmonizing to evoke emotions, memories, and experiences. The brand's dedication to excellence is mirrored in every aspect, from the selection of raw materials to the intricacy of the blending process.

Laboratorio Olfattivo invites you to explore a curated collection that goes beyond fragrance, offering an immersive journey into the art of perfumery. Discover the allure of scents that redefine luxury, authenticity, and the very essence of individuality. Embrace the extraordinary with Laboratorio Olfattivo – where fragrance becomes an intimate expression of identity and style.